Tulsa Mother Remembers The Day Her Son Narrowly Escaped Death At The World Trade Center

Wednesday, September 11th 2019, 10:44 pm
By: Justin Shrair

On September 11, 2001 one Tulsa man was in one of the World Trade Center towers when the terrorists attacked. His mother could only watch it happen on TV. News On 6 spoke with her about that day, as she recounted fearing for his life.

Cindi Hemm remembers September 11, 2001 like it was yesterday. She remembers the sights and sounds that played out in homes around the world.

“Jesus was in the face of all those people that didn't make it out. You can tell 18 years kind of falls away when I talk about it,” said Hemm.

It's a day that changed a nation, and it's also a day Cindi Hemm's son almost didn't come home alive.

That's because Hemm's son just happened be in New York City for business. He was in the south tower grabbing a snack when first plane hit the north tower.

"A speaker came on when he was on the 20th floor and said 'you can return to your offices because this building is secure' and he tired to turn around," said Hemm as she recalled her son telling her what had happened.

However, the problem was there were so many people that Hemm's son decided to just take the rest of the day off. That decision saved his life.

"We knew that he was on the 64th floor and we didn't know which tower," said Hemm.

Back at home, his mom Cindi said she and her husband were watching in horror as the towers fell.

“My husband looked at me and said it doesn't matter what floor he is on now, and I said oh gosh that cannot be true, so we just kept thinking behind all the smoke that the towers were still there and they were not," said Hemm.

Hemm said she refused to believe her son had died. As it turns out, he said he made it out just 20 minutes before the tower he was in collapsed. 

"Life is precious and you never know what's gonna happen one day or the other," said Hemm.

Cindi's son ended up driving about 1300 miles from New York back to Oklahoma because all flights were grounded after the attack.