Tulsa Woman Needs Help Finding Dog After Car Wreck

Tuesday, September 10th 2019, 7:42 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa woman is desperate for your help after a traumatic car crash left her six-month-old puppy dead, and her family's dog missing.

Kristen Sweet's family and friends have been searching for the dog since the wreck near Highway 75 and Peoria on Sunday evening, but with no luck.

Sweet said the whole incident happened in seconds, when another car came up behind her too fast and couldn't get stopped in time.

"I saw a Camaro coming so ungodly fast," Sweet recalled. "It was like he didn't see me until the last minute."

She said her car spun in circles, throwing her two terrified dogs into the front seat with her. When the car came to a stop, Sweet rolled down her window to talk to the other driver. That's when she said her six-month-old golden retriever, Phoebe, bolted right out her window.

"She was so distraught," Sweet said. "I swear, it was like she went rabid."

Sweet said Phoebe ran directly into oncoming traffic on the other side of the highway.

"I slammed open the door and was just like, 'Phoebe! Stop! Stop! Stop!" she said. "She got hit by a car instantly, so, that was freaking traumatizing."

With Phoebe gone, and Sweet's mind spinning at the sudden turn of events, she left her car door open leaving enough room for her mom's dog, Bella to run off.

"If we could find the dog, that would be one ounce of positivity that would come out of this," Sweet's friend, Heather Radloff, said.

"Phoebe is now gone," Sweet said. "It would be really nice to at least have Bella back."

Sweet said they're offering a $200 reward for anyone who can let her family know where Bella is.

"If you've seen Bella or have any idea where she might be, contact Kristen Sweet at krs2mm@gmail.com.