Broken Arrow Police Look For Indecent Exposure Suspect

Friday, September 6th 2019, 7:49 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Broken Arrow Police said they need help identifying a man suspected of indecent exposure. They said it happened Saturday, August 31, at an apartment complex near 51st and Elm in Broken Arrow, and someone videotaped it.

Officers said he works as a landscaper and may go by the name Victor. If you know the man, call Broken Arrow Police.

Broken Arrow Police said people who commit sex crimes may have a tendency to escalate over time, which is why they want to find this man as soon as possible.

Broken Arrow Police said a man was caught on camera by a witness, outside and in between the parking lot and at the apartments at the Crown Village at Elm Ridge Apartments

"He was seen in videotape masturbating and then walking away. We are seeking information for his name and address and personal details,” said Broken Arrow Public Information Officer Chris Walker.

Police said the man possibly goes by the name Victor, but right now that’s really the only information they've got.

"He's a day laborer, the employer was unable to provide good solid information on his name and address," said Walker.

Kendra Boydstun moved into the Crown Village at Elm Ridge Apartments within the last two months. She said hearing about the incident was very surprising.

"It was crazy. I didn't hear a lot about it, I just heard it from someone who had talked to the cops previously as he was walking by but they were just patrolling the whole area,” said Boydstun.

Boydstun who has a five-year-old daughter and said she always makes sure to talk with her about strangers. She said it's scary knowing, that incident happened where she and her daughter live.

"She already knows not to talk to strangers and she stays right beside me I don't let her go anywhere by here self," said Boydstun.

Broken Arrow Police said they hope to find that suspect as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of the man's crimes escalating overtime.

"We don't want this to happen three or four more times and then turn into a rape, later on, we want to keep that from happening," said Officer Walker.

In the meantime, Police are asking people to be on the lookout and to call them if they see the man.

The Property Manager Terra Erhart sent News On 6 this email message Saturday morning. 

“ I have forwarded this email to my corporate office, if they would like to comment on this email they will contact you.”  


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