Mannford Nursing Home Workers Accused Of 'Sick And Sadistic' Elder Abuse

Friday, September 6th 2019, 7:27 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

Mannford Police are investigating what they are calling a "sick and sadistic" elderly abuse case. The police chief said he is frustrated and believes action could have been taken earlier this summer to stop the abuse.

The nursing home owner said in a statement the allegations are "horrific," and said leaders notified DHS within two hours of learning what happened.

But Mannford Police Chief Lucky Miller said, DHS could have looked into the allegations months ago.

At the Cimarron Pointe Care Center in Mannford, Miller said seven residents were abused over the last several months.

"Sick, sadistic. These people are placed in these care facilities for care and for love and sadly, they were not getting that.” Miller said.

Officers took 21-year-old Senite Smith to the Creek County Jail Friday. He was arrested on six complaints of abuse by a caretaker, seven complaints of allowing abuse by a caretaker and one complaint of sexual exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

An arrest affidavit said Smith, a certified nursing assistant, took a selfie showing a nude, elderly man lying in the background.

The court document also said two other pictures show a man's bloody head. It said texts with the picture indicate Smith pushed the man in the shower, and "liked the smell of his blood."

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Mannford Police gave News On 6 a copy of a May 20th email from an anonymous tipster to DHS about potential abuse.

"By state law, any allegations must be reported to local law enforcement agencies. And as of this date we have not been notified by DHS of this email or these allegations.” Miller said.

He said his office received a tip Thursday about the abuse, and within 10 hours, had a suspect in custody.

“My question is, if DHS knew about it on May the 20th, why were we not made aware of that? Some of this abuse probably could have been stopped if we had known about the allegations when DHS received the email,” Miller said.

But DHS said in a statement Adult Protective Services "is not legally required to notify law enforcement" about an investigation like this and would report any results to the district attorney.

The Creek County DA said on the phone it would be improper for him to give an analysis right now because he hasn't received any paperwork on the case.

Miller said while the details are disturbing, there is still a lesson to be learned.

"My advice to family members who do have loved ones in nursing homes is to visit them often and ask questions,” Miller said.

Police expect to arrest three other men suspected of being involved. The nursing home said it has fired all four men.

You can read the full statements from DHS and the nursing home owner by clicking here for the original story.

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