Drumright Police Say Threat Against Student Was A Hoax

Wednesday, September 4th 2019, 3:52 pm
By: News On 6

Drumright Public Schools went on lockdown after a student was threatened through a fake social media account Wednesday, September 4.

Drumright Schools reported that they were notified of a threat made to one of their students and made the decision to go into lockdown to protect the student and the rest of the school.

The superintendent said it all started around 1:15 p.m. when a high school student came to the principal about a possible threat through a fake social media account. Out of an abundance of caution, the entire district went on lockdown since the schools are so close together.

The Drumright Police Department investigated and said they identified the student who made the threat on a false social media account. They said they have determined the threat is a hoax, and they will hand the investigation over the juvenile authorities.

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Drumright Schools said in a Facebook post that after the student was threatened several law enforcement agencies were investigating who made the threat. As a result, the school had a delayed release. Drumright Schools said that students would be escorted by police to a "release point" and that no students will be allowed to walk home. 

"Drumright Schools will continue to work with law enforcement and support the prosecution of anyone involved in making threats towards our students, staff or school. We will keep you posted as new information is provided to us," Drumright Schools Superintendent Ashley Davis said in the post.

"We take your children’s safety seriously and appreciate your support." 

The school later let students out through a staggered release, and police were escorting students to their cars and buses. We spoke to a middle school student who said it was one of his friends who received the threat, but he didn't know the details.