Hurricane Dorian Causes Destruction In The Bahamas

Wednesday, September 4th 2019, 8:14 am
By: News On 6

Hurricane Dorian is being blamed for at least seven deaths in the Bahamas. It made landfall there this week as a monster Category 5 storm.

For two days, Hurricane Dorian sat over the Bahamas as a category five storm. And the images from the Bahamas are heart breaking.

Journalist Tim Aylen, his family, and their dogs were forced to abandon their home as floodwaters rushed in.

Right now authorities say seven deaths have been confirmed, but they say that number could rise. Ingrid McIntosh says she lost her grandson.

"My grandson's dead. I'd just seen my grandson about two days ago. My grandson just tell me he love me" said McIntosh. 

The Red Cross estimates 1,300 homes are damaged or destroyed and AND 6,200 people do not have drinking water.

Officials say it could take months or more to recover from the destruction. The U.S. Coast Guard says it has already begun flying in relief supplies.

Local search and rescue teams will begin their work later Wednesday morning.