Pittsburg County Deputies Make Arrests After Undercover Drug Investigation

Thursday, August 29th 2019, 3:08 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Deputies in Pittsburg County arrested 11 people Thursday in a sweep for people who sold drugs to undercover officers. Deputies had warrants for 15 people and found nine of those targets, and arrested two people on unrelated warrants.

"We are actively and aggressively enforcing drug charges," said Pittsburg County Sheriff Chris Morris.

With help from the Krebs and Kiowa Police Departments, and the District 18 Task Force, Sheriff's deputies knocked on doors all morning, mainly in McAlester and Krebs.

At one house, the sheriff spotted marijuana plants in pots right by the window. Deputies surrounded it, but no one was home. The suspect was later located at work, and arrested. A search of the house turned up guns the sheriff said was a violation of the suspect's parole.

"Many are repeat offenders who have sold before," said Morris.

For the sweep, the Sheriff's Office mobilized four teams to serve warrants.

Morris said most of these cases involve small, one-on-one drug sales from the suspect to an undercover officer. Marijuana is a small part of it, he said, and most cases are people selling opioids they got with a prescription.

Morris said the sweep was part of the 1,352 warrants served so far in 2019, by law enforcement agencies in the county.

Morris said the following people were arrested Thursday:

Jamond Simpson, Jamie Sullivan, Corey Bicknell, Kennedy Bullett, Miranda Godwin, Rena Dodd, Paul Parker Jr, Scott Day and Michael Williams. Two others, Lindsay Womack and John Anderson, were arrested on other unrelated warrants.

Sheriff Morris said it's illegal to sell or give away prescription drugs. Any unneeded medication can be disposed of in drop boxes at the Sheriff's Office and McAlester Police Department.

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