Cleveland Police Arrest Teen For Threatening School

Tuesday, August 27th 2019, 10:50 pm
By: David Prock

A student is in trouble tonight after Cleveland Police say he made terroristic threats.

The Cleveland Police Chief says the system officers and the school have in place worked. Cleveland Police had a suspect in custody within minutes. 

"You have to take it serious in the world that we live in today," said Chief Clinton Stout.

Chief Stout says the quick response is partly due to a New School Resource Officer in his second year working on campus. 

"We had an Officer on the campus that was notified by school officials so it cut all the calling dispatch, all the middle man out and he was right there at the situation," said Stout.

Police say a student hearing the threat, speaking up, and reporting it quickly, also led to the fast response. Responding to threats can be a challenge for smaller departments, with limited resources and manpower. Fortunately, in this case, it didn't, and Cleveland police had plenty of officers to respond to the school.

"When something of this scale happens it does take away from other areas," said Stout. "There is no SWAT team to call in, there's no special departments, the patrol officers they are the detectives, they are the first responders that are showing up."

In just the last several days, Chief Stout says his Officers and other first responders trained together in an Active Shooter Drill, coincidentally at the middle school. He says a combined effort between students, faculty and first responders can mean the difference in a life-threatening situation.

"We are a small community I have children in this school, most of the officers here have children in this school and we have to train and prepare," said Stout.

Parents say they are satisfied with both the response from the school and from the police.

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","published":"2019-08-28T03:50:20.000Z","updated":"2019-08-28T03:57:54.000Z","summary":"A student is in trouble tonight after Cleveland Police say he made terroristic threats.