Soldier Goes Missing From Fort Hood 2 Weeks Before Returning Home

Friday, August 23rd 2019, 11:25 pm
By: News On 6

A Sapulpa mother is asking for help finding her son, whom she says disappeared just weeks before processing out of the army.

A sergeant at Fort Hood, where the 23-year-old is stationed, says Greg has been classified AWOL and the family has filed a missing person's report. Greg's mother says no one has heard from her son since Monday. She is worried he has gotten mixed up with the wrong people a sergeant at Fort Hood said he has the same concerns.

Kim Wedel has barely slept.

"Now he is missing. Sorry, I haven't said that out loud," said Wedel.

She has been doing her best to hold things together, to show up at work and to be a mom, but all she can think about is her son, Greg.

"I haven't talked to anybody, just trying to find him. That is all I am trying to do," said Wedel.

On Wednesday, a sergeant at Fort Hood where her son is stationed called to ask if Kim had heard from Greg. She hadn't talked to him since Monday and when she started asking around neither had any of his family or friends.

"Sometime between 2 a.m. Tuesday morning and 6 a.m. when he should've reported to work, something happened,” said Wedel.

Greg was set to process out of the Army September 10.

"It doesn't make sense. Two a half weeks, he is home,” said Wedel.

Two of Greg's Sergeants at Fort Hood say, this has happened before but say Greg has never been gone for this long.

"This was a very proud day,” said Wedel, "When he came back from Korea, he actually came by the school where I teach and he surprised me,” said Wedel.

Greg's mother says being in the Army was always Greg’s his dream.

“Lived here in Sapulpa, almost all of his life,” said Wedel, "[He] likes to drive big trucks and hang out with his friends and that is Greg,” said Wedel.

Kim says her kids are all she has and she needs to know her son is safe.

"It is just hard. That is my baby. I am trying to find him,” said Wedel.

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