Creek Co. Deputies Arrest 4 After Finding A Child In SUV Sleeping Next To Bag Of Drugs

Wednesday, August 21st 2019, 11:26 pm
By: Kristen Weaver

Four people are in jail in Creek County after a deputy said when he stopped their vehicle, he found bags full of drugs and a child in danger. 

Deputies say they found a 3-year-old boy unbuckled in the back hatch of their SUV, sleeping on a gas can that still had gasoline inside.

Deputies pulled over the SUV on Highway 66 near 161st Street South for crossing the center line and not having back glass on the hatch Monday morning. 

They arrested the driver, Keisha Roberts, on a warrant. They also said she didn’t have a drivers license. 

The deputy said he saw an open container, and a child asleep in the back.

He thinks the boy inhaled the gas fumes for nearly three hours during their trip. 

Deputies say there was also a backpack next to the boy with syringes and baggies of meth. 

They said they found more drugs on the floorboard.

Three other adults in the SUV were arrested for child neglect and drug complaints. 

“The sad thing about this is the little boy was back there with no seatbelt on, no child restraint system of any sort, and he was asleep and his head was laying on a gas can with gas in it, and the fumes of gasoline in the vehicle,” said chief deputy Fred Clark.

Deputies said one of the adults, Michelle Smith, is the child’s mother and originally gave deputies a fake name. 

The boy is now in DHS custody.