Collinsville Couple Still Struggling After May Flooding

Wednesday, August 21st 2019, 11:23 pm
By: News On 6

A Collinsville couple is still fighting to save their home after the historic flood in May.

They say all the red tape has left them at a stand-still. While they wait for answers, the couple is living in a RV in their backyard. They say getting back up on their feet again has been a daily struggle.

"That is our home sweet home," says flood victim Craig Chase.

Craig and Mary Chase have fit what is left of their life into this RV.

“We went from a 25 hundred square foot house to a 400 square foot trailer," said Chase.

Feet away lays the bones of the couple's real home, which was destroyed in May flooding.

"I feel like I have followed all of the rules. I am doing everything I was supposed to do, I got the insurance, I am doing all these things and I am no further right now than I was when this flood happened," said Chase.

Craig and Mary reached out to FEMA as soon as they evacuated in May. They had flood insurance but say it barely covered the cost of repairs.

"It has been a non-stop struggle to cut through all the red tape," said Chase.

In order to rebuild, Craig says he had to have an elevation certificate, a process he says took months.

"These are all things I have to do before I can start rebuilding. I can't get building permits until I have all of these things," said Chase.

The costs are piling up and the couple says it has been a struggle to know what to do next, and who to turn to. They have looked into grants but say they ran into roadblocks there too.

"We are sort of the people the government forgot about and I keep having to fight to get anything done," said Chase.

In the meantime, the house is filling with mold. It is sitting on an old property covered in pecan trees, completely gutted and covered in dust.

"For 41 years my parents brought me home to this house," says Mary Chase.

A sight especially heart wrenching for Mary. Each brick and furnishing brings back a memory of family. 

"My aunt and uncle built the house. My aunt laid every brick," says Chase.  

Despite all they have gone through they are still hopeful sharing their story might help another family still recovering, feel a little less alone.

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