Serial Burglary Suspect Caught Hiding In Roof, Tulsa Police Say

Wednesday, August 21st 2019, 5:48 pm
By: Jonathan Cooper

Jeremiah Hobbs in jail once again for a crime Tulsa Police say they're becoming all too familiar with.

"This particular individual has been arrested for multiple burglaries throughout Tulsa,” said Sgt. Tim Means, a burglary detective with Tulsa Police.

Police say Hobbs broke through the roof of a gas station early Wednesday, something they say he's done several times in different parts of the city.

“The MO is the same,” said Means. “Entry through the roof of the business. Goes in and takes some cash or change typically that's lying around. Something very quick and easy to get in and out."

Means says patrol officers caught Hobbs because of some good police work.

Two officers were in the area of 31st and 129th East Avenue around 2, when they noticed someone standing in front of a convenience store.

"As they're standing there talking, they hear some noise from what they thought was up on top of the roof of this business,” said Means.

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After investigating further, officers found a hole in the roof, directly on top of where the cash register is.

And inside, they found Hobbs hiding in a crawl space, and were forced to use pepper balls to get him out.

Detectives quickly realized, they've seen Hobbs before.

"June 4th, he burglarized a tag agency, and he also went into an insurance agency,” said Hobbs. “So that was our first kind of run in with him."

And back on June 20th, we were there when police say Hobbs broke through a roof, and refused to come out of a crawl space of a store near 31st and Mingo.

After questioning him August 21, detectives now believe he's connected to even more, including an unsolved burglary from March on Yale.

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