Tulsa Thieves Take Trailer, Gear From Touring Rock Band

Tuesday, August 20th 2019, 7:38 pm
By: Emory Bryan

A rock band set to play in Tulsa this weekend lost most of their equipment in a trailer stolen early Monday. "The Bobby Lees" from New York were in town getting ready for their next show.

An equipment trailer was stolen from a driveway in midtown Tulsa, and the band said they lost around $10,000 worth.

Lead singer Sam Quartin said the loss "felt really violating, when people take your stuff, you know they were watching the house and casing the place. They stole it in the middle of the night and it's that weird eerie feeling of not feeling safe."

The trailer was filled with drums, amplifiers, and guitar pedals. Some of it was handed down from mentors to the young members of the band. Nick Casa, lead guitarist, feels fortunate they took their instruments out to protect them from the heat.

"We brought our guitars in, so we're lucky enough that our instruments are safe, but all of our other gear was in there," said Casa.

The band is growing in popularity and touring the middle of the country over the next couple of months. Casa said they have 20 bookings over the next two months. They're hoping to borrow some gear for the next few shows but hope they'll get theirs back.

One lead for police is video of someone taking a stolen amplifier into a pawn shop at 31st and Sheridan. When the clerk started asking questions about their identity, they ran out. Police haven't found those suspects.

"I believe we can find our gear with help from the community and the police," said Casa, "I'm hopeful, very hopeful, but it gets to the point that I have this fear I'll never see my pedals and my gear again, it's challenging. We're ready to keep touring and making music, hopefully this is a speed bump in the history of our band."

","published":"2019-08-21T00:38:57.000Z","updated":"2019-08-21T00:38:57.000Z","summary":"A rock band set to play in Tulsa this weekend lost most of their equipment in a trailer stolen early Monday.","affiliate":{"_id":"5c784a0c4961cb23ad330098","callSign":"kotv","origin":"https://www.newson6.com"},"contentClass":"news","createdAt":"2020-02-01T18:08:17.080Z","updatedAt":"2020-05-13T07:42:00.960Z","__v":2,"show":true,"link":"/story/5e35be91fcd8ef694720e15b/tulsa-thieves-take-trailer-gear-from-touring-rock-band","hasSchedule":false,"id":"5e35be91fcd8ef694720e15b"};