Tulsa Bookstore Owner Says Suspect Identified In Hate Vandalism

Tuesday, August 20th 2019, 7:55 am
By: Tess Maune

A Tulsa bookstore owner says police have identified the man who painted a swastika outside his shop.

In a Facebook post, the bookstore owner says the Tulsa Police Department told him the suspect may have mental health issues.

Shannon Iwanski's post on social media says officers took the suspect into custody Monday night. Iwanski told News On 6 that  he saw the man painting a Nazi symbol on the sidewalk in front of his store, Phantasmagoria Books and Records, Monday.

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Iwanski's post from Monday night says the man reportedly thought the bookstore was an army surplus store that was in that location 25 years ago.  The post also says the man been referred for a mental health evaluation. 

Iwanski's also wrote "we are relieved to know this was reportedly not politically or maliciously motivated. Still, we want to thank everyone for their continued support."

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Just one week ago, he found five stickers on his front door referring to a group called Patriot Front.

An advocacy organization that tracks hate groups classifies Patriot Front as a white nationalist hate group.

Iwanski says volunteers came to his store Tuesday and helped wash off the vandalism.