Tulsa Mayor Signs Executive Order Adding Gender Identity To Employee Non-Discrimination Policy

Monday, August 19th 2019, 5:41 pm
By: Robert McCarty

Mayor G.T. Bynum signed an executive order that adds gender identity and expression to the city's employee non-discrimination policy.

Bynum signed the order on August 19 with the Oklahomans for Equality at Tulsa's Equality Center.

The move will protect any city employee that identifies as gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer or transgender. 

Oklahomans for equality called the executive order a "monumental moment" for the city. 

Dr. Laura Arrowsmith, Board of Directors for Oklahomans for Equality said, "The Trump Administration is trying to say it is acceptable to fire people for being transgender. It is fantastic and encouraging that Mayor Bynum is insightful and brave enough to do the right thing by issuing this proclamation.” 

Bynum's office also released this statement: 

"My focus since becoming Mayor has been to have the City become a competitive, world-class employer. We've taken a number of significant steps in this direction with stronger employee engagement, more competitive salaries and a benefits package that reflects the needs identified by our employees. Signing this executive order today was a critical next step as an organization in our efforts to create a work environment based upon trust and respect, and one that enables us to attract and retain the most talented employees possible."