Tulsa Groups Push For Repeal Of Permitless Carry Law

Friday, August 16th 2019, 6:50 pm
By: Erick Payne

Some groups are pushing for a repeal of the permitless carry law set to take effect in a few months. They say homicides in Tulsa have gone up this year, and the new law will make things worse.

Tulsa Police say yes, there have been more homicides this year compared to the same point last year. But it's not a drastic increase, and there's not any specific reason for it.

Police numbers show 44 homicides so far in 2019. Last year between January and August there were 32. In 2017, during the same time span, there were 48.

Their statistics online for homicides are broken down by month, dating back to 2013.

"We do track that, but if you look at those numbers they do change by year, there's not really any trend in when homicides occur and why they occur," Officer Jeanne Pierce with the Tulsa Police Department said.

Tulsa Police says the good news is that all but three of the homicides this year have been solved. Some groups including the Neal Center for Justice, Oklahoma Democratic Party, Young Democrats and Vernon A.M.E. Church say more needs to be done to lower the number of homicides though, and they think tighter gun control is the answer.

"We think background checks, we think training, we think permits are absolutely necessary to ensure the safety of our communities," Joshua Harris-Till, president of Young Democrats of America, said.

Joshua Harris was one of the speakers at a news conference to address gun violence. He's also the leader of an effort to petition to repeal permitless carry in Oklahoma, which is a new law that will take effect in November.

"I am tired of seeing people murdered on the news every single night, and I am tired of it affecting everyone in our community, and I am tired of people my age and younger having their futures taken away from them," Harris-Till said.

The group has until the end of the month to get the required signatures.