Oklahoma Man's Life In Prison Changed To Life On Parole

Wednesday, August 14th 2019, 8:16 pm
By: News On 6

A woman says she is in shock after the Oklahoma Parole Board voted four to one, recommending Eric Johnson, a man convicted of murdering her cousin, be released on parole.           

"I feel like I've failed," said Tina Ham, Mike Fifer’s Cousin. "I was not prepared whatsoever. It was not on my radar at all that they would vote yes." 

Eric Johnson and John Davis were both convicted of murdering store clerk, Mike Fifer, at a Circle K at 21st and Garnett in 19-91.

Investigators say Johnson and Davis got a total of 80 dollars, some batteries and condoms, then shot Fifer in the back.

A jury gave Johnson life and Davis, life without parole, but, a recent supreme court ruling means Davis’ sentence was just changed to life with parole.

Tina has spent years fighting to keep both men from being released.

"Their peers found them guilty of murder in the first degree. I mean that has to mean something. That they were found guilty,” says Ham.

Despite Tina writing letters of protest and testifying at parole hearings, the parole board recommended in June, Johnson be released.

Now, all he needs is for the governor to sign off on it.

The board did deny Davis' parole.

Tina says the thought of one of her cousin's killers being free, makes her sick.

“I just can't believe he would be walking among my community,” says Ham. “I told the parole board and his family and friends that we have fear that he's going to do this again,”

I contacted the parole board for comment, but, haven’t yet heard back and Governor Stitt says he can’t comment on the case at this time.