Bixby Dispensary Invests In High-Tech Security

Wednesday, August 14th 2019, 6:09 am
By: Joseph Holloway

As new dispensaries open up, those owners say they're investing in more security.

There are bars on the windows and doors at The Bakery Cannabis Dispensary in Bixby; the owner says she knew she’d need more than that to keep this place safe.

"Spending nights here and working our butts off to get this done - it is scary to think people could just walk in and do smash and grabs," said owner Chelsea Harless.

Chelsea Harless says she invested in a high-tech security system that notifies police if someone tries to break in and officers could be there in two or three minutes.

"If they were to start smashing the windows or smashing the door, automatically sends a response to the police," she said. "It doesn't even go to us so in two to three minutes, police are here. They're not gonna even be through the windows at that time."

The shop also has several surveillance cameras, along with a safe to keep their marijuana and she says they never keep any of their supplies out when the store is closed.

"Every single thing is put up every single night because we want to be able to be open for our patients and we want to have our medicine readily available" said Harless. 

Harless says this location used to be a gun shop, so some of its safety features were already in place before the dispensary opened.


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