Green Country Family In Need Of Help After Father's Motorcycle Wreck

Monday, August 12th 2019, 11:58 pm
By: News On 6

A Green Country woman is asking for help tonight after an uninsured driver hit her husband while he was on a motorcycle.

The crash, leaving the young father in the hospital with a ruptured spleen. The victim's wife tells News On 6 she's less angry towards the driver and more concerned with how she's going to provide for her family.

Raychel Snider said her husband is the sole provider for their family. The stay-at-home mom of 4 kids is spending her time by her husband's side and trying to figure out how to provide for her children.

"It's all bad," said Snider.

There are some phone calls that change your life.

"Our daughter Saylor, she's not even one yet. She's going to miss her dad and he is not going to see her grow up," said Snider.

This Friday, Raychel Snider got one of them.

"He only works at the Port of Catoosa, so we know at most it takes 18 minutes for him to get home," said Snider.

The voice on the other end of the line was her husband, Eric. He told her a car hit him on his motorcycle and he was on the way to the hospital. Raychel in a panic beat the ambulance there. The minutes turned into hours and by the time Raychel saw her husband, she said she had just enough time to tell him how much she loved him before they took him into surgery.

"It's just crazy to see him alive. He's just shaking and says, 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It wasn't my fault,'" said Snider.

Tulsa Police said the driver turned left hitting Eric. Raychel said the crash caused Eric's spleen to rupture. He's alive but because the driver was uninsured, Raychel said all the expenses are falling on Eric and his family.

"We don't have anything. Not being insured, you shouldn't be on the road,” said Snider.

Raychel said she wants drivers to stay aware of everyone on the road.

"You have to look for them too. Their lives matter just as much as if you're in a car or a truck,” said Snider. “If he would've just looked twice, my husband would not be sitting in a hospital bed right now."

Raychel is taking care of four kids while her husband is in the hospital. If you'd like to help you can donate to their GoFundMe

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