Tulsa Firefighters Investigating After Responding To Multiple Fires Sunday

Sunday, August 11th 2019, 4:00 pm
By: Mallory Thomas

The cause of fires across the Tulsa metro area is being investigated after Tulsa Fire Department responded to multiple fires Sunday Morning.

Tulsa Fire also assisted Berryhill Fire Department around 9:30 Sunday morning with a house fire near West 41st and South 49th West Avenue. Berryhill Fire Chief, Michael Hall, said firefighters found 13 A/C window units around the home.

“Each one of those window units is for one hundred fifty square foot area which is fine," said Hall. "As long as they’re not all going at once.” 

Hall said the resident and her dog were able to safely make it out of the home. He said the house was a total loss.

“This is a permanent problem now. This house is not livable,” said Hall.  

Across town, Tulsa firefighters were called out to Lewis and East 7th Street.

“In the process of extinguishing this fire the house next door was noted to be on fire," said Tulsa Fire Acting District Chief Bryan Beall.

He said both of the homes were empty and no one was injured. The cause is still under investigation.

"The investigators came out and determined that it was set. Actually, at this point we're asking if anybody has any information about this that they call 596-ASRN," said Beall.