Senator Jim Inhofe Develops Plans For Tulsa's Levee System

Friday, August 9th 2019, 8:59 pm
By: Emory Bryan

A report next week could lay out plans for rebuilding Tulsa's levees and how much it will cost.

The levees withstood recent flooding, but only with emergency repairs and constant monitoring by 3 hundred National Guard members.

The focus on making long overdue repairs to the levee took on new urgency during flooding in May and June. The Army Corps of Engineers is studying how to rebuild them and where to start.

"The first thing they have to find out is the cost," said Senator Jim Inhofe. "That's supposed to be this December. We're about 2 months behind, but we'll have enough information that we can start working on it in fiscal 2021."

The levee system covers almost 30 miles, through Tulsa and Jenks, but the Tulsa levee on the north side of the river is the weakest area.

Inhofe said his position in Congress overseeing the Corps of Engineers helps him push for expedited repairs. "I'm not a real believer on all the studies that go on, but on this one I am because I know it has to be done right."

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Inhofe said rebuilding could begin in about 2 years, but the work could take more than a decade. The report coming out next week and he said would have a ballpark cost, the preferred plan for rebuilding, and where construction should start first. 

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