Cherokee Nation Chief-Elect Chuck Hoskin Jr. Talks About His Upcoming Term

Thursday, August 8th 2019, 6:27 pm
By: News On 6

The Cherokee Nation Principle Chief-Elect Chuck Hoskin isn't waiting for next week's inauguration to detail some of his most important initiatives.

On Thursday, he spoke to News On 6 during 6 In the Morning. Not only is he giving employees a raise, he's putting $30 million into helping tribal members repair their communities.

"Some of that is going to be on community buildings, but we are going to be doing some innovative things - from solar panels on some of these community buildings and make them better places that are really the hub of some of these communities that are the heart of the Cherokee Nation," said Chuck Hoskin Jr.

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Hoskin also said he will sign an executive order raising the tribe's minimum wage to $11 an hour. The increase will impact more than 400 workers who currently earn less than that.

Last year, Hoskin served as the tribe's Secretary of State, a job he told us was great preparation to lead the Cherokee Nation.

The nation is the country's largest with some 370,000 citizens.