Bystander Assists With Man Firing Gun On Brookside

Friday, July 26th 2019, 7:49 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

Tulsa Police arrested a man after officers said he started shooting down the street on Brookside.

Police said someone tackled him and held him down until police showed up to the scene, near 31st and Peoria.

Officers arrested Antonio Henderson, and said he was drunk.

"It very much surprises me that anybody would pull out a gun and start shooting in the middle of Brookside. I've never heard of that happening before,” Bob Sober said.

Witnesses said Henderson had been arguing with a group of people, then started driving back and forth in the area. He eventually stopped his car near Sharky's. Witnesses told police Henderson stopped in the middle of the road, got out and started shooting.

Original Story - Tulsa Police: Bystander Takes Down Man Firing Gun On Brookside

Police said a witness ran toward Henderson, afraid he was going to shoot at a group of people. The witness managed to get the gun away from Henderson and hold him down until officers got there.

"I've got to say congratulations to the guys who tackled him,” Sober said. “They put their own lives at risk to actually prevent somebody from getting hurt."

Sober is a life-long Tulsan and can't recall any violent memories on Brookside.

“The worst thing that happened when I was in high school was people would just cruise up and down the ‘Restless Ribbon’ here, to see if they could find somebody to talk to,” he said.

The "Restless Ribbon" was Brookside's nickname back in the 60s.

"That's all the excitement there was on Brookside when I was a kid,” Sober said.

Now, people like Lindsay Parks are feeling a bit uneasy, but said they're not worried about their safety going forward. 

"It makes you feel a little insecure, a little rattled,” Parks said.

News On 6 checked with several Brookside businesses and they all said they didn’t have surveillance video that shows the moment that witness stopped Henderson.

Henderson is in jail on complaints for assault with a deadly weapon and reckless handling of a firearm.

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