Tulsa Man Re-Arrested, Suspected Of Plotting Mass Shooting

Friday, July 26th 2019, 5:27 pm
By: News On 6

A man arrested Wednesday night suspected of shooting a process server in Tulsa is back in jail for detailing a plan to commit a mass shooting at the University of Tulsa, according to court documents.

The affidavit said Christopher Barnett was initially booked on a complaint of shooting with intent to kill. He bonded out of jail the morning of July 25. Hours later, a Tulsa County judge issued a warrant for his rearrest, this time for threatening an act of violence.

Court documents state Barnett operates a website called Transparency for Oklahoma. The website has an entire page dedicated to how Barnett would “take down” TU by committing a mass shooting.

Although the page claimed the plan was “hypothetical” and “will never happen,” Barnett wrote about stockpiling AR-15 rifles, ammunition, and body armor. He wrote that he would rent a home near campus during football season, and “rig up a system that will fire all of the guns at once.” Barnett wrote that he’d use a 3D printer to make large magazines that can hold as many bullets as possible, but admitted he’d never learned how to work a 3D printer.

Barnett wrote that he planned to wait until halftime of a football game to set the automatic firing system off.

In his blog, Barnett also called out several TU faculty members by name, writing that he prayed for them to have a “terrible stroke” or “lung cancer.”

Court documents said Tulsa Police also received tips from a concerned citizen July 25, that said Barnett has made repeated threats to judges and attorneys in Tulsa County. The affidavit said he provided addresses for those judges and attorneys, and said he’d provide guns to anyone willing to “do harm” to them.

The concerned citizen also showed Tulsa Police a screenshot from March of this year that Barnett posted on his Facebook page, which showed a Google search asking, “Can you legally shoot a process server?”

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Court documents said Barnett is a “continuing threat, and has the means to act on the threats he has made.”

Barnett is currently in the Tulsa County jail on a $1 million bond. Court documents said a judge ordered him to have a GPS in place, and to stay off social media and not post to his blog. The judge also ordered him to forfeit his passport and banned him from owning or purchasing any firearms.

Barnett’s first court day is in August.