Owasso Public Schools Invests In New Visitor Security System

Tuesday, July 23rd 2019, 6:01 pm
By: News On 6

The front doors at Owasso Public Schools are the first line of defense for protecting students and staff. The school system is using a new security system called SchoolSafeID that does immediate background checks on anyone walking through the front doors at every Owasso School.

Each visitor will have to scan their drivers license, and that information will be checked against a national database.

"Sex offenders. That's really what it's checking for. We want to make sure that people coming in to be around our children, don't have a history that will put them in danger," said Kerwin Koerner, an administrator at Owasso Public Schools. 

Owasso Public Schools has activated the system in all 14 schools throughout the district.

Kerwin Koerner says dozens of visitors come to the schools every day, so they have to be proactive.

"It is important to teach reading and writing, math skills and all of that, but if they are not safe then none of that really matter," Koerner said.

Each visitor has to scan their ID when they walk into the office. That information is then checked against a national database to look for any red flags.

Koerner says these days, safety has to be the number one priority.

"Times change, and schools have to be willing to change with the times - and that's why we are going to invest in systems like this," he said.

He says it's just as important for students to feel secure.

"We want to make sure that all of our visitors and employees are identified so students know these are trusted adults that I can always go to," said Kerwin Koerner, OPS.

Koerner says when dealing with school safety, it is important to always have the latest and best technology.