Motorcycle Group Helps Avant Fire Department Impacted By Flooding

Sunday, July 21st 2019, 9:50 pm
By: Kristen Weaver

A volunteer fire department hit hard by recent flooding got some much-needed help Sunday from a motorcycle group down the turnpike. 

Avant firefighters said the rising water from Bird Creek and others left most of their town - and fire station - destroyed.

"It's an awesome feeling. Awesome that there are people out here that will step and do this," said Avant volunteer fire chief Gene Atkins.
Atkins thought the offer was too good to be true when he first heard a motorcycle benefit picked his department to receive the funds they raised.
"Out of the blue, I get a phone call from this gentleman here today to make a donation," he said. 
That gentleman, Dustin Bailey, came from Oklahoma City with wife Denise and their motorcycle-riding friends.
The two raised more than $10,000 from their poker run benefiting friend Josh Kidd, an OKC firefighter killed in a wreck. 
"We raised a lot of money this year," said Denise Bailey with Ride for Kidd.
Each year, part of the money goes to Kidd's son and the rest to Oklahoma volunteer fire departments.
Many recommended they help Avant after flooding destroyed nearly $60,000 worth of equipment. 
"Water was above the bumpers of the truck," Atkins said. 
The group presented a $4,000 check to help them out.
"It's a really a great feeling, to see people not even associated with the fire service to step up and help us," Atkins said. 
"It's important to us but they do the work," Denise said. "They're the heroes. We're just here to support." 
The rest of those funds are going to help another volunteer department in need.
Avant firefighters tell me they need all the help they can get because they will have to completely rebuild their station.