Glenpool Police Arrest Duo Accused Of Identity Theft

Friday, July 19th 2019, 9:22 pm

Glenpool Police arrested two identity theft suspects who they believe are tied to a multi-state operation with hundreds of victims, July 17.

Police recovered more than 100 forms of ID on the two suspects arrested Wednesday.

Police caught and arrested 42-year-old Chris Poyner and 34-year-old Lisa Gaeta, both from Florida, after a short pursuit and crash.

Police said Poyner was driving a rental car stolen in Georgia and is on probation for an identity theft conviction.

Gaeta used wigs and makeup to disguise herself as the people depicted in stolen ID cards, according to police.

Glenpool Police Sergeant Tracey Powell had several bags of wigs, makeup, and changes of clothes collected from the pair. They also confiscated a portable safe holding stolen ID's.

"We do have people break into cars and they run down to QuikTrip, or Walmart, and run it real quick,” said Powell. “We definitely didn't expect to run into an organized group."

Police believe Poyner and Gaeta worked with large group of thieves in multiple states. They target purses left inside cars then take the information to immediately start charging items. Then they give those ID's to traveling criminals, who use the stolen information to cash stolen checks.

Powell said they would dispose, or sell, anything else they found in cars. They disposed cell phones to avoid tracking.

The duo was arrested after an alert teller at BancFirst in Glenpool recognized a stolen check and questionable identification, then called police.

Officers said when making the arrest the suspects crashed their rental car.

Police said almost all the stolen identity papers belonged to women and were stolen out of purses that were left in cars.

The victims police contacted said they were at parks and shopping centers when their car was burglarized.

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