Tulsa Water Main Break Forces Nearby Salon To Improvise

Friday, July 19th 2019, 2:41 pm
By: Joseph Holloway

Water is now back on for several businesses near 21st and 129th East Avenue following a water main break that lasted most of the day Friday.

About 15 businesses in the area were impacted. News On 6 talked with one business owner who says having no water threw a big kink in their day.

"My co-worker walked in and she went straight to the sink and she turned it on and she was like 'oh we don't have any water’," said Sandra Franco, Co-Owner of Sandra’s Salon.

Sandra co-owns the salon with her mom and said when she found out they didn't have running water this morning, they had to improvise.

"Another time that we had this happen a couple months ago we had to use gallons of water to kind of rinse their hair out and since I had already started her, I thought we'll just use that method again," Franco said.

She said when something like this happens, it hurts business. She said they had to call customers and tell them not to come.

"It's kind of frustrating because it's unexpected I have to change my schedule around, I have to move customers aside and sometimes they're not happy," Franco said. "People expect their appointments and not being able to fulfill them, that sucks."

While businesses were dealing with the effects of the outage, city crews had troubles of their own.

When the water line broke, the pressure from the blast sent chunks of asphalt flying nearly 50 feet down the road.

Debris even hit a traffic light on the southwest corner of the intersection, scattering broken plastic. Just another thing crews will have to work on as they repair the road.

Several lanes were closed as crews worked to repair the line, but traffic is now back to normal.

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