Avant Fire Department Struggling After Flood Damage

Wednesday, July 17th 2019, 4:48 pm
By: News On 6

An Oklahoma Fire Department is finding ways to still serve the community after Spring flooding caused expensive in damages.

The Avant Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief, Morgan Sweeney said water reached as high as four feet but the volunteer firefighters didn't have time to save their equipment because they were out rescuing people in the community.

"The water was coming up in town about eight inches an hour at the height of the flooding. It got all of my tools, it got my bunker gear, my desk, my office, our computers," said Sweeney. 

Sweeney said the department is only volunteer and has a budget that's less than $20 thousand a year.

He said finding the funds to replace gear, fix equipment, and build a new building won't be easy.

"I can't go ask the community for money to rebuild the fire station because they are trying to rebuild their homes," Sweeney said.

Sweeney said him and his volunteers do this job to serve the community, but they currently feel helpless.

"Trying to figure out where to go next. What are we going to do for a building? What are we going to do for gear?" he said.

Sweeney said it's all a waiting game right now with insurance, FEMA, and donations. He doesn't know when the department will be back to normal, but said they won't stop doing their job.

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