Exclusive: Video Of Police Interview With Tulsa Teen Convicted Of Murder

Wednesday, July 17th 2019, 7:36 am
By: Joseph Holloway

We’re getting a look at a police interview with a Tulsa teenager convicted of murdering a school teacher and raping an elderly woman nearly two years ago.

Deonte Green spent nearly 3 hours talking with detectives about his crime spree.

The interview is from October 2nd 2017--a day after Green killed Broken Arrow school teacher Shane Anderson, kidnapped an elderly couple and raped the 81-year-old woman.

Green was also involved in several home invasions and other crimes.

He was sentenced last week to life without parole, plus another 290 years.

But at one point in the 2017 interview, Green refused to admit to shooting Anderson -- even though an officer told him there's video showing him in the act.

"I.. I ain't do it." Said Green.

But Green’s tone changed as detectives talked with him for nearly 3 hours, and he confessed to the murder.

He also described the moments leading up to it when he fought with Anderson over the gun.

“I was like here with the gun, and the guy--he runs toward me,and he throw me against the wall like pushed me and tackled me against the wall. By the time he run up on me, I thought he had something in his hand--I shot him somewhere. I don’t know where I shot him at.”

At another point in the 2017 interview by police, Green said he did not kidnap and rape an 81-year-old woman; but, the detective told him there was evidence connecting him with the sexual assault.

Green was sentenced last week to life without parole, plus another 290 years in prison for kidnapping and raping an elderly woman, home invasions and other crimes.


Watch the other parts of the police interview: