OHP Urges Caution On The Water After Recent Drownings

Sunday, July 14th 2019, 9:46 pm
By: Kristen Weaver

Oklahoma Highway Patrol marine troopers are sending out a warning after several drownings in the past two weeks--the most recent just Saturday.

A drowning at Lake Eufaula Saturday was just one of eight in the state in the past two weeks.

Troopers are urging everyone to be safer in the water.

Lake levels are finally coming down across Green Country. For many, it means a chance to finally get out and enjoy their favorite lakes.

"Summer's more common for more people to be on the water, doing water sports," said Trooper Ricky Humdy.

It’s OHP Marine Trooper Ricky Humdy’s job to make sure people are boating and swimming safely.

"It can happen to the best swimmers, people who think they swim so good," Humdy said. "You go there, and every year it’s the same story.”

Saturday, July 13, at Lake Eufaula troopers said a man jumped into the water to get his hat. He suffered chest pains and never resurfaced.

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“One of the lines is they can swim like a fish," Humdy said. "When they get in trouble and things start happening, the next thing you know they’re gone."

Humdy said the simple answer is life jackets--no matter what.

“If people don’t take that advice, they could drown," he warned.

Last weekend, a four-year-girl died also at Lake Eufaula near the shore.

“If you really love your kid, you’ll put a life jacket on your kid," Humdy said.

Humdy said if someone is drowning, don’t go in and risk your own life--instead, throw them a cushion or something to grab on to.

“You really need a jacket to save. Every drowning I’ve been to, it would have saved them.”

Humdy said alcohol and drugs often play a major role in drownings.

He wants to also remind people that drunk and high boating is not only dangerous--it’s illegal.