Tulsa Teen Who Admitted To Murder Awaits Sentencing

Tuesday, July 9th 2019, 5:26 pm
By: News On 6

Sentencing started for Deonte Green, who admitted to three home invasions, two sexual assaults, a kidnapping, robbery and the murder of Broken Arrow teacher Shane Anderson, all within 48 hours in 2017.

Anderson's wife and daughter told the judge how the murder has changed their lives forever.

The district attorney in this case is asking the judge to sentence Green to life in prison without parole, but because he was 16 when he committed the crimes, the DA must prove to the judge Green is beyond rehabilitation.

The DA told the judge Green had 11 encounters with police before he was 16 and pleaded guilty to 4 felonies as a juvenile, including breaking into a house and carrying a gun. He got probation for those crimes, then weeks later, he went on a spree of robbing people, kidnapping, sexual assault, and murder.

The DA said Green has 30 incidents while in jail, mostly assaulting other inmates and staff.

Green's attorney says some of those incidents were minor and some of the assaults were self-defense.

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They said Green was only 10 when his father was killed by Tulsa police and 14 when his grandmother died in his arms from a heart attack.

Anderson's widow, Darcie, told the judge Shane was her soul mate and best friend of 22 years and the murder resulted in her having to sell their house. She also lost her job because she gets panic attacks in public and has severe depression.

Anderson's daughter told the judge her father was her whole world, her hero, and she now has nightmares of the incident.

The judges sentence will be July 10.