Sand Springs Woman Stands By Daughter After Break-In

Monday, July 8th 2019, 4:28 pm
By: News On 6

Sand Springs Police say a woman high on meth was arrested for breaking into a home near 6th and McKinley over the weekend. Now the woman's mother is sharing her story and hopes her daughter can get help.

Lynn Burke says her daughter Alesha Kite told her she was trying to run away from people who were trying to attack her on Saturday night. So she found a home and broke the window trying to get away.

"She would not hurt anybody shes just caught up in a situation she can't get out of," said Burke.

Sand Springs Police say they couldn't find anyone who was trying to hurt her so Kite was arrested for breaking and entering. She says her daughter tried to knock on the door of a home and no one answered so she tried the window.

"I'm sure she was anxious and scared and she just hit the window too hard with her knuckle. She did not mean to break the window," said Burke"

Sand Springs Police say it happened near 6th and McKinley on Saturday night. They say the homeowners were very shaken up.

"She was quite shocked all of them were. there were small kids in the house, they were all quite shocked," said SSPD Capt. Todd Enzbrenner.

Enzbrenner says they deal with suspects who are high on drugs a lot but know sometimes it's hard for people to get help.

"They gotta want to get help and if they don't want help they aren't gonna get it and they're going to continue to do this until they reach a point where they need it," he said.

Kite has been to several different rehab centers trying to find a place for her daughter but says all of the places she's called are full. Her mom says it's heartbreaking to see her daughter get to this point. 

"I can keep her as long as I can but then she strays off on me. She needs help I can't give her"

Burke says she's been trying to get help for her daughter for the past few months. Now that she's been arrested, her mom is working to find a rehab center for her and she hopes other moms will be encouraged to not give up on their children.

"Embrace them and do everything you can to help them because if not they are going to form a family outside of their own family and that's not good," said Burke.

Alesha's bond is set at $500.