Thieves Steal From Tulsa Dealership

Friday, July 5th 2019, 6:25 pm
By: Kristen Weaver

A Tulsa car dealership found they had several keys and cars stolen, July 5th.

The general manager came in to the Don Carlton Acura to find every set of keys gone along with three high priced cars.

Now they're worried about theft continuing. 

"We closed around 6 p.m., I locked up, I did my rounds to make sure everything was secure," said Manager Mo Jbara.

Mo Jbara went home to celebrate the Fourth of July Thursday night, thinking Friday would be business as usual at Don Carlton Acura.

“This morning I open up the building, and we were shocked to see the metal door has been pried open," Jbara said.

Jbara said they used a crowbar on the door and punched in the lock.

“A cabinet was pried open," he said.

The cabinet had 38 keys stolen from it and three cars stolen from the lot.

“A very high dollar Mercedes, a high dollar Camaro, and a Corolla were missing," Jbara said.

The total stolen and damage done totaled $100 thousand.

“This is the first time it’s happened here at the Acura store," Jbara said. "It kind of caught us by surprise," Jbara said.

Jbara said he reported those cars as stolen to Tulsa police.

“I just wish people would put more thought into doing something good, than trying to take the easy way out," he said.

Jbara said he is adding extra security and working to change the locks.

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