Muskogee Co. Pastor Asking For Help In Identifying Church Vandal

Thursday, July 4th 2019, 5:58 pm
By: News On 6

A Muskogee County pastor hopes the public can help find out who vandalized his church near McLain, with what he calls hate speech.

Darren Wright, Buckhorn Baptist Church, "They put Satan is lord on the doors and then also had a circle with a slash through it with God's name in it.”

Darren Wright has called Buckhorn Baptist Church home for two years.

When he drove to the church this week, he found these hateful messages spray painted all over the building... forcing him to spend hours cleaning it up.

Wright says it happened sometime between six and eight Wednesday morning.

Darren Wright, Buckhorn Baptist Church: "At first you are a little upset you know that that happened, but you really start to feel sorry for the people that would do something like this to the community."

Pastor Wright says it took eight helpers and several hours of scrubbing to remove the messages..

He says it’s frustrating, but he's not letting the vandalism bring him or his congregation down.

Darren Wright, Buckhorn Baptist Church: "We are supposed to set that example you know of what to do. You think about the grace and mercy that God showed you, and you pretty much have to show other people the same thing."

Darren says he was blown away by support from the community.

He says the vandalism is bringing the church even closer together.

Darren Wright, Buckhorn Baptist Church: "My biggest thing is, and I think the church's biggest thing is we would just love for these people to come and join us in a service so we can show them who we are and what we are."

If you have any information about who did this call the Muskogee County Sheriff's Office.