Lines Long At Tulsa Tag Agency As New Law Goes Into Effect

Tuesday, July 2nd 2019, 11:42 am
By: Justin Shrair

A new law requires drivers to keep their car registration with them. Plus, your car tag now stays with you when you sell your car. Both went into effect Monday, July 1.

Many tag agencies around Green Country were packed Monday. Drivers crowded in all day at the Barnes Tag Agency at 91st and Sheridan.

"I expected it to be full," said Ed Decker who was renewing his tag and the registration on his truck.

In front of the counter, dozens of people were getting a copies of their registration. Tag agents worked tirelessly behind the counter, some even working through lunch.

"Absolutely crazy. We have 25-plus people at the door before we opened up, and it has not stopped since," said Mark Randell, of Barnes Tag Agency.

It's all part of an effort to make sure everyone is following new regulations.

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"You must keep your registration in your vehicle for any vehicle motorcycle automobile or a truck - anything that is on the road," said Randell.

But the changes don't come without some concerns. Some people worry that if their car gets stolen, thieves could have a map that leads right to their home. Folks at the Oklahoma Tax Commission said they are looking into a possible solution.

Another big change people are talking about, "That tag belongs to me and if I go purchase a new car from a dealer or someone else I can put that tag on that car."

Diana Nunes said she thinks the new registration regulation will hold people accountable.

"I really think it's going to help keep some people honest more honest. My kids even have been concerned about people lifting the registration tag off their vehicles, so people have to have it within their vehicle," said Diana Nunes.

Others say they are just following the law no matter what they think. Another big talker, the price to get a copy of your registration.

It costs $1, but notary fees can vary from tag agency to agency ranging anywhere from $1 to $5.

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