BA Police Arrest Two Men Linked to Car Break-Ins

Monday, July 1st 2019, 10:11 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

BROKEN ARROW – Tulsa averages about 500 car break-ins a month during the summer and surrounding communities, like Broken Arrow, say they also see an increase.

Broken Arrow Police said they arrested two men who had stolen items from at least three different victims inside their vehicle.

A homeowner is without a mailbox in a neighborhood near Aspen and Kenosha, because Broken Arrow Police said a Jeep smashed into it, after two suspects left it in drive, hopped out and ran away.

Officers caught up with Joseph Griffey and Robert John and arrested them on Saturday for having stolen items in the Jeep.

Officer James Koch says thankfully, the Jeep didn't do any damage to the home.

"Goes through a small wooded area and ultimately crashes into a ditch,” Koch said.

Koch said in just the last two weeks, his department has heard of more than 40 car break ins.

"The ones that we're seeing now are what we call 'Smash and Grabs,’” he said.

They're not crimes of opportunity, where the doors are unlocked. He said thieves are taking it to the next level. The windows were busted out in most of the recent car burglary cases.

"Now it seems people are locking their doors, which we're very thankful for,” Koch said. 
“It makes yourself a harder target. Now, if we could just get the citizens to remove their valuable items from the vehicle."

BA Police said Griffey and John had stolen power tools, checks, mail and a wallet in the Jeep. Their arrest reports said those stolen items have been given back to their rightful owners.

Officer said they also found a gram of meth and several washed checks.

Koch said there's a simple phrase to remember not just this summer, but year-round, to help lower the chances of becoming a victim.

"Remove it, lock it, report it,” he said.

Call the Broken Arrow Police Department at (918) 259-8400 if you have a crime to report.