Lake Oologah Camping Not Suffering From Water Levels

Friday, June 28th 2019, 11:27 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Lakes in Oklahoma are rushing to get repairs done for the upcoming holiday weekend.

With the Fourth of July weekend a week away and many Green Country lake levels still high, campers are trying to make the best of things.

"The lakes are crazy I mean they are really crazy," said Pat Pitman.

The beach and swimming area at Oologah are still under water and closed when they would normally be open.

"I like going under water, I'm like a little fishy. I don't get to swim," said Bella who was making smores with her brother.

The Oologah campground is recovering but parts of it remain wet.

Campers said the water was over the top of one of the picnic table just a few days ago.

Even though the far away the campground is already packed.

"This is the only camping site we could get into this weekend, everything is packed or everything's flooded,” said Pitman.

Right now, Oologah Lake is about 21 feet above normal and the dam is releasing about 24,000 cubic feet per second.

Seeing the water this high is still an odd sight for Gracie and her brother Bradley who have been out at the campground since Thursday.

"It does make for really good fishing but it's also super dangerous because people still try to swim,” said Gracie Marsh.

They said just a few weeks ago it was a different story.

"A couple weeks ago almost all the camp sites down by the bluffs were closed because of all the flooding," said Marsh.