Tulsa Hills Truck Thief Still Committing Crimes

Thursday, June 27th 2019, 8:42 pm
By: Jonathan Cooper

Tulsa Police are on the lookout for a stolen white pickup truck being used in a string of crimes across south Tulsa and Tulsa Hills.

Surveillance shows the truck in a victim's driveway Tuesday night and a man nobody recognizes.

"Whoever stole our truck is using it to commit crimes,” said Gaylene Hayes, who lives near 71st and Harvard.

Gaylene Hayes' husband owns the truck and says it was stolen from their driveway on the morning of June 24.

"We realized it that morning when we got up to go to work,” Hayes said. “We immediately contacted the police and they came over and did a report.”

Inside the missing truck was a checkbook, garage door opener, and a gun.

Hayes says they didn't hear much about the truck until about a day later, when a man living a couple miles away posted a video on his Facebook page.

Unfortunately, Hayes said the truck was being used to help the thief victimize even more people.

The man who posted the video said the truck pulled up to his house near 81st and Yukon, and the man driving it stole thousands of dollars’ worth of his tools. They stole his gun as well.

After he posted the video online, more of his neighbors came forward and said they were victims as well.

Hayes said she's worried this thief will not stop.

"I'm concerned because I know he has two guns in his possession. At this point what does this guy have to lose? He's committed several felonies already." Hayes said.