School Offers Help To Sand Springs Students Affected By Flooding

Wednesday, June 26th 2019, 6:22 pm
By: Jonathan Cooper

As schools in Sand Springs sit empty for summer break, officials at the district office are preparing for what could be an unusual enrollment period.

"We know that we have students that have been displaced,” said Kristin Arnold, Assistant Superintendent.

Arnold says because of the devastating flooding for parts of Sand Springs, more families could qualify for homeless status this year.

And many may not realize it.

"There's all definitions,” said Arnold. “It doesn't just mean that you truly are walking around and have no place to go."

In fact, homelessness can be defined in different ways under the McKinney-Vento Act, a federal law that provides federal assistance to public schools to help students considered homeless.

"You could be living with another family, you could be living with a family member, you could be in a hotel, a motel, you could be in a car,” she said.

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Which means students living in neighborhoods like Town and Country and Meadow Valley could qualify, since a natural disaster displaced many residents.

This summer, the district has been gathering a list of students who live in those areas, and calling their parents directly.

"If you don't get a call within the next week or couple weeks, you contact us and that way we can get you in touch with what you need,” said Arnold.

As part of the act, the district will provide transportation to families staying outside of the district lines.

And in some cases, they can also provide school supplies and other resources.

Arnold says it's all meant to make what's already a difficult time, a little easier.

"We just want to keep stability and when school starts back we just want things to run smoothly,” said Arnold.

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