Wilburton Superintendent Accused Of Bribing Students To Vote

Tuesday, June 25th 2019, 7:31 pm
By: Amy Kauffman

The Wilburton Police Department is investigating after two students say the superintendent threatened them.

One of the students says Dr. Trice Butler told her if she didn’t vote for a certain school board member, she wouldn’t graduate.

Alexis Bone says she wanted to wait to file a police report until after she got her diploma, but now that she has it, she wants the superintendent to be held accountable.

"I had to go through a lot of stuff to get this diploma,” said Bone.

Bone is thankful to have her diploma because a few months ago, Butler, told her she wouldn't get it if she didn't vote for a certain school board candidate in the April primaries.

"She said if you don't do this, I'm going to hold your diploma and if you do vote for who I want you to vote for then you will be rewarded,” said Bone.

Bone said Butler, pulled her out of class and asked her to fill out a voter registration form, even though Alexis said she was already registered.

“She said I have no document proof that you did that, and I said that I had and I wasn't going to do it and then she got mad,” said Bone.

Even though it's not public record, Bone said Butler told her she could find out who she voted for.

“She said that she could find out who I voted for and when I voted,” said Bone.

Bone said several of her classmates who are over 18 were also asked to fill out a voter registration form then threatened with not graduating or worse.

“She said that if we didn’t fill them out then we were going to lose our jobs, or we were going to be in ISP for the rest of the year and not graduate even if we had good grades,” said Bone.  

After Bone received her diploma, she sent a letter to the state election board and filed a report with the Wilburton Police Department last week. They say they still have several more students to speak with.

Bone said she wants Butler to be held accountable so it doesn’t happen to students again in the future. 

“This can’t go on no longer that she thinks she can just pressure people into doing what she wants,” said Bone.

Wilburton Police Department said they’ve asked OSBI to assist in this investigation.

News on 6 reached out to the superintendent for a comment and we are still waiting to hear back at this time.