Tulsa Man's Life Saved After Girlfriend Shoots Him

Monday, June 24th 2019, 6:03 pm
By: News On 6

One person says they didn't think twice about pulling over in traffic to help a man who'd just been shot.

Tulsa Police say that person is a big reason why the victim survived.

Tom was driving down Highway 244 when he saw a man bleeding from the head, trying to flag somebody down. Nobody else stopped so Tom did. His first thought it was a wreck, but it wasn't a car wreck at all.

Tom said, "He came running up to my driver's side window and I rolled it down and said, what's going on man? He says, I've been shot, can I get in? I said, wait a second brother, who shot you and where are they?"

The victim said his girlfriend shot him.

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"When he said, my girlfriend, I'm like okay and I look in the rear view mirror and she's right there, 50 yards behind us," Tom said.

Tom got the guy in his car and put some distance between them and the girlfriend who was still on the side of the road with her vehicle. Tom called 911 but never took his eye off the woman.

“She reached over into the grass and picked up the gun,” Tom said.

He then saw her get into her car and that's when he told 911, he was going to leave the scene and would meet the ambulance a short distance away.

"I'm thinking maybe she'll pull up on us, but, she didn't, just jetting into traffic, almost caused an accident and headed down the road,” Tom said.

Police arrested Ashley Ellis a short time later, accused of assault with a deadly weapon.

Tom shot a little video of first responders treating the victim for a bullet wound to his stomach.

Tom's wife scolded him for stopping though he's glad he could help.

“It's not every day you pick up a guy with a bullet wound in him," Tom said.

He said if he saw something like that again, he would certainly stop and help once more.