Tulsa Holds City’s First Boulder Dash

Saturday, June 22nd 2019, 11:09 pm
By: Kristen Weaver

Thousands of people took to the streets of downtown Tulsa Saturday, watching tricycle riders compete head to head in a real-life version of the game Mario Kart.

People strapped on helmets and hopped on adult sized tricycles to race through Tulsa, all competing to win the city's first Boulder Dash.

"Got up here about 7 o'clock, put the RV down, and just been hanging out and having a good time," Jon Schoalmire said. 

News On 6 caught up with a soaked and tired Schoalmire, one of the finalists who spent the day riding on his tricycle while people pummeled him with water balloons and beach balls.

"The water balloons have been brutal today," he said.

"We had 64 teams, three people per team," said organizer Chris Diamond. "Two pushers, one driver, dashing down the Boulder hill."

Organizers said an estimated 5,000 people came out to cheer them on, like Morgan Richardson, who said she was intrigued hearing about the race.

"I hope they do this more," Richardson said. "Like 5 years ago, could you imagine Tulsa doing this? Of course not."

Diamond said keeping it going annually is exactly what they're planning on doing.

"If y'all missed us here at Boulder Dash, you missed out," Schoalmire said.

The winner took home a Hasty Bake valued around $1000 and is automatically entered in next year's race.

The night continued with a first birthday block party to celebrate the sponsor, Welltown Brewery.