Mental Health Expert Suggests How To Fix Epidemic In Oklahoma's Opioid Trial

Friday, June 21st 2019, 7:36 pm
By: News On 6

A mental health and substance abuse expert testified June 21st in Oklahoma's Opioid Trial.

She told the judge what she believes it will take to fix the painkiller epidemic.

The plan Jessica Hawkins and other government leaders put together will cost billions of dollars in the long run.

Hawkins detailed just how much it would cost to implement more than a dozen programs, including childhood prevention services, public education, and treatment.

Hawkins told the judge every part of Oklahoma's plan would be to fix this epidemic once and for all.

Hawkins said the programs would need to be in place for at least 30 years, costing the state around $17.5 billion.

"We will continue to see evidence that the opioid crisis is still growing, is still causing harm, and will continue to have an adverse effect on Oklahomans for many years to come," Hawkins said.

A statement from Johnson & Johnson says the State is on a "far-reaching odyssey to seek damages disguised as abatement." It continues on to say the proposed plan "seeks damages that go far beyond costs related to" the opioid epidemic.