Opioid Trial Day 14

Friday, June 14th 2019, 10:24 pm
By: Alex Cameron

For most of the last four days, testimony has come from the state's expert on the opioid crisis, Dr. Andrew Kolodny asserted that Johnson and Johnson, through its aggressive and misleading marketing, was a kingpin in the crisis.

On day 14 the court heard, if only briefly, from someone else. A so-called impact witness.

Christie Hoos was a nurse at St Francis Hospital in Tulsa. A medical professional who is helping the state prove that no one is immune to the addictive nature of opioids.

"Addicts look like me, they look like you, they look like our neighbor, they look like our doctor we go to they look like anybody," said Hoos.

Hoos had been given Lortab to help treat back pain. and before long, she says she was craving the painkillers. and for a period of a couple of years, before she got help, they became more important than her family.

“To me, I didn't really care, I just didn't care, I wanted medicine, I didn't care if if my husband was mad or if he thought I was being, I didn't care then, I just wanted my pills.”

Johnson and Johnson's attorneys said their opioids were marketed responsibly and within FDA regulations.