Tulsa Thieves Caught On Camera

Friday, June 14th 2019, 5:52 pm
By: Erick Payne

Two businesses on Cherry street in Tulsa captured video of thieves; one broke into a building, another made off with decorative plants.

The businesses along 15th Street tell me they're shocked someone would try to do this along a busy road like this. In both cases, the burglars were caught clearly on camera.

"They just ransacked the whole place," West Construction Accounting Manager Andrea Stewart said.

Stewart says they noticed Dean West's office was hit last weekend. Their cameras caught a man breaking in by climbing onto their porch in the back and prying off a piece of plywood outside Dean's office closet.

"His whole office was torn apart, his TV's were gone, and little electronics here and there," Stewart said.

Stewart said they have cameras everywhere on their property, just in case something like this happens.

"He wasn't very smart obviously," Stewart said. "He did not see any of the cameras, so we've got pretty good pictures and video of him."

Just down the street, Adam Orr knows too well the blatant disregard thieves have for his personal property. People have stolen his potted plants outside his door several times.

 "I'm probably out a few hundred dollars at this point," Adam Orr said.

It's the reason he installed cameras, which finally caught the man grabbing two plants before running away with them.

"You can see the person come up and they just don't care," Orr said.

They're asking for your help finding the people responsible, to keep them accountable for their actions.

"I feel like we can catch them, and something will be done about it," Orr said.

"It was kind of disappointing because you'd think this wouldn't happen to you, especially in a busy area like this," Stewart said.

If you recognize either of these people, call CrimeStoppers at 918-596-COPS.

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