Family Collects School Supplies For Teachers, Kids In Webbers Falls

Thursday, June 13th 2019, 10:44 pm
By: Kristen Weaver

Webbers Falls saw devastation from flooding.

All but a few homes in the town were destroyed, and the schools were completely flooded as well.

Now, a family in nearby Warner hope their simple idea will impact every teacher and student in Webbers Falls.

A 16-year-old in Warner said she and her family were inspired to help after seeing the devastation in Webbers Falls.

They are collecting school supplies for both teachers and kids who lost everything.

Katelynn Lewis felt helpless as she drove down destroyed Webbers Falls roads for the first time.

“We went to this one lady’s house and had seen they had lost everything,” she said.

The Warner 16-year-old and her two siblings, Nate and Emily, wanted to help.

Once they saw the schools, that they noticed a need.

“Mom, what if we started supplying school supplies and stuff like that for kids that lost books and all that?’” she said.

The 25 teachers and 290 students in the school district lost nearly every book and supply in the classrooms that were drenched in three feet of water.

“Walking into the building the first time, I cried. Not because of the stuff, but the uncertainty of the future,” said Webbers Falls high school teacher Misty Ruckman.

Ruckman heard about the kids plans to fill their hand painted boxes with supplies for everyone, as part of extracurricular group 4-H.

“They’re giving us a step up,” Ruckman said. “They’re not only asking for the kids, but they ask us what teachers need.”

Katelynn says anyone can help fill the boxes, even with just one notebook or stick of glue.

“People lost a lot of things,” Katelynn said. “Webbers Schools got hit hard and need help.”

“You think, could a teacher use that? The answer is probably yes,” Ruckman said.

You can come to True Value and Cross Telephone in Warner to drop off supplies in the boxes, or you can ship them to True Value at 904 Campbell Street, Warner OK 74469.

Kids are hoping to obtain plenty of AR books for the library. Gently used or new.

Here are some supplies you could take: Pencils, pens, highlighters, paper, loose leaf paper, expo markers, paperclips, binder clips, tape, permanent markers, file folders, folders, binders, bulletin board items, motivational posters, stickers, stationary items for their desks, colored pencils, markers, for the younger grades craft supplies, playdoh kits, etc.

More information can be found on the Warner 4-H Community Project Webbers Falls Facebook page.

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