60 Bartlesville Homes Damaged By Floods

Wednesday, June 12th 2019, 9:14 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Washington County's Emergency Manager says 60 homes flooded, mostly in a neighborhood on the South side of Bartlesville. Many of them had water four feet and deeper.

The neighborhood is dry now and much of the debris has been cleared, and neighbors are airing out homes that have been stripped to the studs.

"It was a surprise just because of how quickly it happened," said T.J. Dickinson, who said the water first appeared on the street 90 minutes before it was ankle deep inside his house. Soon it was waist deep and he had to leave with his two children and wife, Amanda. The water rose almost to the countertops in their kitchen.  "That was hard to see, all your things floating around the house," said Amanda Dickinson.

The Dickinson family had plenty of company as many homes on their street flooded. The water came from flash flooding on the creeks that feed the nearby Caney River. "We're looking at those gauges, we saw it reach 40' and usually it's at the 3 to 6-foot mark," said Kary Cox, the County Emergency Manager.

"We're seeing everything from inches of water which impacts carpet and flooring, up to four and five feet of water". Washington County mobilized their own boats and recruited civilians to help with water rescues. It was the worst flooding since 2007.

The Dickinsons lost their possessions, but have flood insurance that will cover some of the losses. A charity they started, The Mighty Miracles Foundation, to support parents with hospitalized children, is on hold.

"We hope to get it going soon, it's just going to take time, just like the rest of this," said Amanda.

The family had help to clean out their house and they've got a place to stay, and have insurance. But like most other flood victims they're starting over.

"We've had to empty, essentially the contents of our lives on the front lawn, so that's been tough," said T.J. Dickinson.