Balloonfest Back In Town, But Not Without Controversy

Wednesday, June 12th 2019, 5:21 pm
By: News On 6, Lori Fullbright

A Tulsa attorney says he's shocked to see Tulsa Balloonfest is coming back to town this weekend after the company still owes money to several Green Country businesses.

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Tickets are on sale online right now for a balloon festival at Victory Christian this weekend. A Tulsa attorney says Ricky Garvie, also known as Ricky Lyons, still owes thousands of dollars to businesses there.

"I find it very brazen he is bold enough to come in town after he's defrauded the businesses and defrauded people in Tulsa," said Tulsa attorney Hugh Robert.

Hugh represents a man hired to make a video for Garvie but never got paid the nearly $5,000 owed. They sued and a judge ordered Garvie to pay up, but he has not.

Garvie says the video was not up to standard.

"It wasn't until after the fact, Ricky raised issues, well, they didn't perform or do this or that, but he only did that after he got his money and ran out of town," said Robert.

A judge also ordered Garvie to pay Tulsa Raceway $20,000. Froman propane in Claremore says Garvie still owes them 3,500 dollars from 2016.

News On 6' Lori Fullbright talked to Garvie by phone.

Lori: "I'm most interested in what you plan to do about your Tulsa debts."

Ricky Garvie: "The guy who made the video is irrelevant and Tulsa Raceway Park didn't pay the fee per the contract, so that's irrelevant too."

Lori: "It's not irrelevant. Excuse me, Ricky, a Tulsa judge ordered you to pay, so how you can you say it's irrelevant?"

Ricky Garvie: "I'll have to look at them."

He also has a current felony arrest warrant in Indiana for theft, but he says that too is a misunderstanding.

Ricky Garvie: "They've already established that's a false police report."

Lori: "Yet, there's a warrant out for your arrest, so."

Ricky Garvie: "But I didn't know anything about that."

Garvie is selling tickets to Tulsa's Balloonfest which starts Thursday. Those tickets are non-refundable.

Garvie agreed to come to KOTV on Friday to do an interview about these matters. He later called to say he had been advised to come in for the interview.