Three Siblings Help Fort Gibson Couple Clean Flooded Home

Friday, June 7th 2019, 10:40 pm

A family in Braggs has been working all week to help a Fort Gibson couple that lost their home to flooding.

Her boots may be three sizes too big, but 10-year-old MacKenzie Manegold is having the time of her life, as she works to remove tile inside the damaged home.

"That was fun!” she said.

MacKenzie and her two older brothers, Cohen and Noah, have spent all week cleaning up the house in the Donkey Lane neighborhood.

"Probably the most tedious job was just to get those screws out. There's so many screws,” 14-year-old Cohen Manegold said.

"I don't care if it's nasty, but I'm still gonna do it and help,” 13-year-old Noah Manegold said.

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The family lives in Braggs, which was cut off during the flood. Once the water went down and they could get out, they decided to help someone.

"We went to one house and they didn't answer so we went to another house,” MacKenzie said.

They ended up at Mike Ogle's house. Ogle gave countless boat rides back and forth across a flooded highway 10 last week, without expecting anything in return.

"Well, I didn't give that much. I'm in my boat a lot. I fish a lot,” Ogle said.

Now, he’s getting help from the three determined siblings. During the last few days the kids have formed a friendship with Mike, and his wife Diane.

"He likes electric stuff, so I've nicknamed him 'Sparky,’” Mike said about Noah.

The kids say the Ogles’ positive attitude is making the job less daunting.

"It's really not that much stress, I mean, the people who own this house, they're really nice and friendly. They're funny. They take a good laugh,” Cohen said.

The three children say they believe the Ogles will feel at home again soon.

"’Cause we're gonna keep helping,” MacKenzie said.

If you’d like to help the Ogles rebuild, click here to donate to a Facebook fundraiser:

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